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BrilliantBrain Abacus education has consistently been considered as an established approach to improve brain. This form of education not only enables one to calculate in a manner similar to that of a calculator but also helps one in having an enhanced visualization power and a more efficient brain. In order to ensure that you learn Abacus Education properly through our online abacus training program, we have divided the two-year course into eight parts.

It would be really easy for you to understand Abacus course if a personal trainer is made available through videos. This way, you will have the freedom to see and understand the abacus concepts as many times as you can. After each abacus training video, you will also be provided with practice sheets, answers of which you can check instantly. To make sure that you can practice online Abacus exercises daily, we have provided sufficient number of sheets and abacus training videos. After completion

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Starters – Level 1

Description   Children are trained to sit with the right body posture – dis

Movers – Level 2

Description     Speed Writing (skill) introduced and the children learn to write fa

Riders – Level 3

Description Speed Writing (skill) strengthened further. Playing with the numbers writ

Racers – Level 4

Description Concentration skills strengthen appreciably. Increased speed in Fingering Exercise r

Flyers – Level 5

Description Targeting skills and planning to achieve will start blossoming.Memory skills enhance

Endeavours – Level 6

Description More complicated calculations strengthen better concentration skills for faster and

Achievers – Level 7

Description Decimal sums calculations bring in new challenges to concentration and speed.Pract

Stars – Level 8

Description   Targeting skills and planning to achieve will start blossoming. Memory s

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